Monday, April 12, 2010

Wow, what do you say to that?

Ok, I had no good reason to have a short fuse today, other than being just plain tired. The girls were being fine, but I was just ready for them to get to bed already! So, when I asked Avery for about the millionth time to stop goofing off and put on her pajamas and she didn't do it, I guess I started to sound a bit "frustrated". Please give me some credit - I sounded very nice and patient for the first 999,999 times. Then Avery started to complain that "it wasn't fair." When I probed her in my previously-mentioned "frustrated" tone about what she meant, she said, "It's not fair that you get to lose your temper and we don't." Bam. There you have it. I had no answer for that. I simply admitted that it wasn't fair and I am not allowed to lose my temper either. I apologized to her and asked for her forgiveness. She graciously forgave me and all was forgotten. One thing I notice about my kids is that they so quickly forget my infractions and are ready to hug and love all over again. I guess I still have some growing to do with the whole patience thing. Thank you, Lord, for the difficult reminder to make sure I'm setting a good example to my kids and holding myself accountable to the same standard I hold them to.


  1. That is very pointed and so true! Your children never cease to convict me with their wisdom! Keeps us humble and growing. Love you!

  2. um yeah, been there. Can we turn it around and say I was only showing you how it feels to be around someone that looses their temper. I was in complete control but wanted you to have a life lesson, now go get your pj's on kid. Just kidding. Funny how they pull out listening to us when it makes us look so awesome.