Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Allie at the Pumpkin Patch

I got to go with Allie to the pumpkin patch last week with her preschool class. It was so fun to be with just her this time. This kid keeps me on my toes and is often a source of anxiety for me, but - boy, is she sweet!

Allie on the hayride.

This is Allie with her teacher, Mrs. Wood. Avery had her last year and we just love her! For several days before the pumpkin patch, Allie made sure I knew that she wanted to sit next to Mrs. Wood on the hayride. She got her wish!

This is the pumpkin she picked out and got to take home.

Everyone gets to pick an apple out of the orchard. Allie couldn't wait to take a bite!

Mama and her little "punkin"!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Our whole family is having a great time this year with the soccer season. Allie is participating in the Soccer Starters program, but likes to be difficult with it, despite the fact that she likes to play soccer. We will not quit, though! It's paid for and she's just being a stinker!
Avery, however, is just old enough to really appreciate the sport. And, I have to admit, that girl is a pistol out on the field! She has fun and tries pretty hard in practice, but when she's in a game, a whole new Avery emerges. She's by far the smallest on the field and I think she took her coach by surprise. In the few games we've played, she's been referred to as "our secret weapon", the "next Mia Hamm", and "our defensive specialist". When the other team has the ball, I always hear her coach yelling, "get it Avery!" She has no thought of fear as she runs right into the pack and attacks that ball and whoever stands in her way.
Avery is the closest blonde in the white shirt and black pants. She got the smallest shirt available and she's still swimming in it.I like this picture - Avery was off the field at the time (they play three on three). She had stepped past the cones and was seriously considering kicking that ball.
This says it all. Avery is in the center.
Daddy and his soccer girls!
Avery had taken a picture of me, but I opted not to include it. It was a non-shower-throw-on-a-hat kind of soccer morning and I didn't think that was fair to my readers to be exposed to that kind of shock...
We love soccer! I do admit that we've had unusually sunny, dry weather for October and I'm not sure how much I'll love it in the cold rain. So far, though, I just really like the regular family activity on Saturdays and I really love watching Avery have so much fun on a team! Fun times!