Friday, January 4, 2013

When irony works out in your favor

For some reason, I've been battling headaches every day this New Year's week.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my kids have already been home for 2 weeks and embarrassingly high number of episodes of "Jesse" have been playing loudly in my living room (what's the deal with kids and VOLUME?).  Also, Allie got skates for Christmas and has spent almost all her days skating through my downstairs.  So today I had to stop our painting project and park it on the couch for a while.  My kids continued to paint - that's how out of it I was - I let them continue without me.  What happened next came close to shocking me...

Avery cleaned up all the paint.  Then she went and got supplies and proceeded to brush my hair, massage my head, rub my feet with lotion, and take off my 3 month-old toe nail polish.  She also changed the Pandora station that was playing Broadway tunes to "nature sounds".  And my sweet Allie got her favorite book and read it to me. 

The irony didn't escape me that my sweet children were probably part of the cause of this headache, but it sure blessed me that they were so quick to help cure it.  I sure do love those sweet girlies :)