Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Extraveganza!

I believe this was my 3rd year co-directing our annual kids' Christmas program.  I LOVE doing it!  I get to spend lots of time with one of my best friends, Wendy Kivett, and hang out with a big group of some amazing kiddos.
This year was called "Christmas in Snowflake County", but we kind of retitled it "Christmas Extraveganza".  It was a little extra fun for me this year, since both my kids were old enough to participate this year (which also caused quite a few challenges), and because Avery was given a major drama role.  She played Suzy Hallmark, the mayor's daughter.  There she is with the main cast, right in the middle.  She is playing Suzy, who is playing Mary.

The climax of the show is when Suzy finally gets to share her surprise with her mom, which is an entry for the contest.  She sings "Silent Night" all by herself, as her best buddy Max (played by Riley Penn), accompanies her.  It was absolutely adorable.  I seriously couldn't be more proud!

Then, Mayor Hallmark (played by Cassie Hughes - she did great!), realizes that they've been too caught up in making the Christmas story too fantastic, forgetting the amazingness of the actual events.

Here's Allie's buddies!  All first and second graders.
And Avery's buddies.  Allie is in the picture, second from the left and Avery is 4th from the left.  Her friend, Esabella had Avery's Mary costume on.  I'm so thankful for the good friends my girls have at church!

I had to include a picture of Allie in the choir.  This was at a moment when they were supposed to be sitting down during a solo or drama.  Allie's head was peeping over the wall for the whole show.

It is such a blessing to do this every year!  Wendy and I spend a lot of time talking to the kids and telling them how proud we are that they want to serve God in this way.  It is one of the few ways that kids get to serve in the church.  There is NOTHING like hearing God's truth - especially the truth of Christmas, being proclaimed from the mouth of a child!