Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life Abundant

With Thanksgiving approaching, I can't help but document just how thankful I am at this moment in time. The thing about being thankful is that it gets your mind off of discontentment. If you're thankful, you can't be discontent. Colossians 3:15 says, "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts...and be thankful." It's quite clear that God's peace comes when we're thankful. Paul talks in Philippians 4:11 of being content whatever the circumstances. He had learned the art of pure thankfulness - no matter what.

There are moments in life that are easier than others to find things for which to be thankful. I'm in one of those moments. Our heat was broken for a few days. Oh my, was it COLD!! I'm convinced God just wanted to stir me up a bit and remind me that nothing in the world is guaranteed - not even my warmth. It got fixed right before the freezing cold moved into the Willamette Valley. Thank you, Lord!!!

My family is healthy, my husband is still enamored with me after 10 1/2 years, my daughters' friendship is blossoming, and we're surrounded by family and friends who love us. These are just a few reasons why life is good. However, there are so many more things to be thankful for.

I'm saved! I did nothing to deserve the peace I have in knowing my Savior. I have recently had the amazing opportunity to see a friend come to a saving knowledge of Christ. This is a friend I've prayed for for over 3 years and have worked so hard to maintain a relationship with, though we often saw things very differently. Of course we did! I had a Biblical perspective on life; she had a worldly one. But over the last year or so, she began to change. Before my eyes, I saw her soften and begin to listen to the Spirit calling her to Himself. Then, one day out of the blue, she told me she and her kids would like to come to church with me. Then we began to study the book of John together, just the two of us. During the second lesson, she began to realize that she was still part of "the world" and didn't want to be anymore. She had been striving so hard for the approval of people (and we all know how successful that can be) and admitted that happiness had eluded her. So, while we held hands and I listened, she spoke to the Lord and gave her life to the One who had given His life for her. I was shaking out of shock and joy! And in the last 3 weeks since her rebirth in Christ, we have had conversations that we never could have before. We are truly sisters in Christ and it is apparent to me that her faith is real.

As a result of this amazing experience with my friend, I have seen God's Word in a whole new way. As I study, I look through her eyes and am blown away with the beauty of His truth and the power of a transformed life. I can't believe the awesome privilege of getting to be a part of her experience with the Lord. Not only did I get to plant seeds, but I got to be a part of the harvest and now the discipleship.

So at this moment in time, I just can't help being thankful for the simple things. I'm saved, Jesus loves me - flaws and all, my children are learning of Him, my husband is walking with the Lord, and our house is HEATED! Thank you, Lord, for giving me abundantly more than I could ask or think.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This morning I found Avery trying to tie some Duplo blocks below her shoes to add some height. She was getting pretty upset that it wasn't working. I told her that even if she could get it to work, I wouldn't let her wear them to school. Avery continued to be upset and said she wanted to be taller at school. We continued to discuss the fact that there is only one other kid in her class that's small like her.

I'm sorry, Avery. There is no avoiding your genes. I was the smallest in my class, too. I had a friend from Laos named Vilavonne. I'll never forget her! She and I were smaller than all the rest. Everyone wanted to show that they could pick us up and carry us around.

Avery, just embrace it. There is absolutely nothing you can do about your height, except perhaps putting on some platforms. Preferably not made of Duplos. Although, we might be looking at a new fashion statement...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things that make you go GGGRRRRRR!!!!

I have a laptop. I haven't figured out what button it is that I randomly push yet, but it's my enemy. I had a very long, boring, informative post almost complete on how much I love not drinking caffeine and somehow I pushed "the button" and BAM - it's gone!!! The whole post. I went to edit my post hoping that it hadn't auto-saved the deleted post, but it had. Now you, my loyal reader, will have to wait for another day. I know you'll be waiting on pins and needles, but I just can't subject myself to another 45 minutes of rewriting it. Where the heck is that button???