Monday, June 20, 2011

Avery goes "under the knife".

Poor Avery has had a weird nasal congestion and sinus issue for about a year. Every time I insisted on some kind of treatment, they put her on another antibiotic, Sudafed, or allergy medication. We tried them all with no results. We just got so used telling her to blow her nose and what came out was not normal. It was so thick! I know, yuck, right?

So I finally just called our doctor and told him we didn't want to come in, I just needed a referral to the ENT. Over the years I have asked if Avery needed to see the ENT, with our doctor always saying it wasn't necessary. Even though she had many ear infections, I guess they just weren't bad enough. Even though we had documented hearing loss due to fluid in the ears. Hmm... maybe it's time to move on to a different pediatrician?

Well, the first thing the ENT did was look in her ears and ask me, "does she have problems hearing?" I said, "why yes, she does! It's all been documented in an audiology finding." Anyway, I'm not as miffed as I sound about it. When our pediatrician said that maybe she should have seen an ENT before this, I just told him I trust that God is in control and I'm just glad she's going to get taken care of now.

So, anyway, the ENT made a quick decision that she needed tubes in her ears and her adenoids removed. The purpose would be to improve her hearing, since she was filled will fluid (later the doctor said it was more like mucus - some sort of condition she had), and hopefully clear up her nose. My thoughts immediately went back to the day I was in first grade and we were leaving school one day. Mrs. Akers told the class that Erin would be out for a while because she's having surgery to get tubes put in her ears and to get her adenoids taken out. Same surgery. Same age. My scanner/computer isn't cooperating so I didn't get a chance to scan the cute picture of me on my hospital bed with my CareBear. I'll try to post it some other day.

So Avery had her surgery just 3 days ago. This is when her Daddy was carrying her into the hospital in her pj's.

Mommy and her cute little surgery patient.

Avery was a champ. She had been explained what would happen and still wasn't the tiniest bit nervous. We kept asking her if she was doing alright and she just replied, "um... yeah...".

Last pic before they wheeled her out.

After it's all done. Enjoying a popsicle and looking a little droopy.

She was just so good. Rich and I were so proud of her. She got a wheelchair ride out to the car and we were out of there something like 6 hrs after we had arrived. She's had some minor pain as she's mended, but much less than I expected. This morning she need a little Tylenol for her throat and she's been running all over the house. Thank you, Lord, for safe surgery and easy recovery! And she hasn't had to blow her nose for 3 days. Woohoo! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank Goodness!

Thank goodness the school year is almost over! I don't really mean that to say that it has, in any way, been a hard school year. Avery has had a wonderful year with an awesome teacher. Her teacher is my parents' age, has been doing this forever (starting with homeschooling her own kids and then running a small private school with her husband), and loves the Lord. Not to mention that she seriously knows what she's doing when she's teaching kids to read. No, Avery's had a great year. I just can't wait to have her home!

Don't worry. I'm not delusional. I understand that having her home means that I will be donning my "referee" jersey full-time again. But I just plain miss her! It just seems too soon for her to be gone from me all day! So I'm going to drink in the summer of having my delightful, funny (her teacher just commented to me the other day how great Avery's sense of humor is), active 7 year-old with me all day. And seriously consider never letting her go back to school again...

Growing up, my mom always took us out to breakfast on the first day of summer vacation. I plan to carry on the tradition with my kiddos. Do you have any similar traditions you remember as a kid or that you do now as a family?