Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earth or Heaven?

Satan has made this world so alluring. He's been working hard from the very beginning to keep man's mind focused on the trappings of this world, rather than on Heaven. He's sneaky, cunning, and truly masquerades as an angel of light. Plus he often has lots of help from our own sin nature. Ouch. The thought of aiding him in his attempt to lure me away from my Master (just in focus, not in position), just hurts.
I'm finishing up a study on the book of John and came across a new thought. I don't think I've focused a whole lot in the past on this short little dialogue that Christ has with Peter at the very end of the book. Jesus tells Peter that he's going to die a horrible death someday, but still calls him to follow. Peter's reaction: but what about him? Peter points to John and wants to know if his friend's fate is going to be better or worse than his own. Jesus response is basically, "I'll do what I want with your friend. You follow me."
It's possible that we women struggle a bit more with this, but I think this is basically part of all our fallen natures to want what we can't have and be jealous of someone who has it. We do with everything. We wonder why someone else never has to diet, why they have such a good job, how in the world they paid for their car, why they have such easy kids, why they always get asked to teach or speak, why they're invited to every party, and the list goes on.
It seems so shallow to see it written down, but I think most of us fight these thoughts almost daily. It can creep in so subtly. Lately, I've caught myself accusing my husband of being part of some conspiracy against women: why do men get to wear baggy jeans and even carry a little extra weight and no one notices or cares? And we women are expected to wear nice-fitting jeans that show every extra pound that we're not supposed to gain??? While I think there is something to that, it's definitely not his fault I gained 5 pounds and my jeans are too tight. And if I were honest, my real problem is with the One who created my body and allowed its flaws and my attitude says, "it's not good enough."
Colossians 3 tells me to "set my mind on things above, not on earthly things." God says my life is hidden with Christ, even that He is my life. Philippians 3 warns me to be aware of those who don't love Him and whose mind is on earthly things. So, we should daily ask the questions, "Is my mind on things of heaven, or things of earth? Am I looking at someone else's path and situation, or am I following Christ?"


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart. I love blogs that have family details and heart too. And these thoughts, though we hate to admit it, are realities for us all each day. It's good to think about WHY we think what we think, eh?

    Ironically, I read Col 3 this morning & just now over dishes I was asking God how to set my mind on eternity. "How do I think so much about something I don't know...that's not yet a reality?" It's so easy to get caught up in what is so real to us, but I really want to get caught up in spending eternity in his presence....oh Lord help us to set our minds on you & Your glory, not on the passing things in this world (even though it seems like these 5 lbs are not at all passing...)

  2. In church last Sunday the sermon was on the Ten Commandments, and one of the things the pastor said--that coveting is not just about wanting what someone else has, it's about saying to God: "What you've given me is not good enough." But it's something I struggle with too--other people's houses always, always seem so much nicer than mine and I wish I had them. It's constant thing, isn't it, working to put off the old self and put on the new?

  3. You're putting into words EXACTLY what I took from that lesson, Erin! (Wish I could have been there.)

    I do this CONSTANTLY. Why do we have to struggle financially? Why aren't things handed to us? Why can't I have a super hero metabolism? etc etc etc. So that part with Peter and Jesus struck a huge cord with me. Conviction. It's actually kind of a regular theme God seems to be driving home in my life right now...where's my focus. where's my perspective. for who's glory am I living this life.

  4. Fantastic! Thank you for putting this down on "paper"! It's totally me too, Erin.

  5. Ditto what Cathy said! Thanks for your transparency.