Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Take your kids to work" Day

I figured it was not quite the year for just sending my kids to work with Rich for the day. Not sure the tax payers would approve, since I'm sure very little "accounting" would get done at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife with those two gals around. But we did make an appearance and bring Daddy two of his favorite candies (black licorice and Snickers dark). This picture is in front of the fountain outside of his office.
I love this picture of these two! Look at those crinkles between the eyes - like father, like daughter!

One of the favorite things for the girls when they visit their dad at work is all of the taxidermied animals throughout the office. It is the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife... Each animal has a description and explanation of how it was acquired (it was sick or whatever).

Allie liked the mountain goat.

This cougar is on the top floor right next to people's cubicles - so weird!

Rich put the girls to work at his desk. He had them circling entries or something. He explained later, for his benefit more than theirs, that he doesn't just circle numbers all day!
We are so thankful for Rich's job! I know God has provided amazingly through it. I have to say how proud I am of Rich, though. The guy went back to school so he could make sure he'd be able to get the kind of job that would provide well for his family and earned his CPA on his own (with flying colors, I might add), and worked hard to get where he's at. And that's where I leave it, because God is the one who gave him the intelligent brain he has, and has allowed the opportunities to use it. Thank you, Rich, for going to work each day and caring so much about your family!

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  1. So cute. Rich is such a good guy and loving Daddy! That cougar makes me nervous. My parents caught a cougar on a trail cam a hunter was using on their property. Crazy big cat!