Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home Improvements

We've been doing some minor work around the house, just trying to improve it a bit. The biggest project we did was add wainscoting in the hallway. Two very good friends (thanks Russ and Ryan) came over and gave up their Saturday last weekend, helping Rich put up this very pretty addition to our home. I think they did such a great job!!

Our dining room is really just a dining nook. We are planning on putting the wainscoting in there, as well, but it didn't get done last weekend. So I painted all the walls, rather than just the top half and the wainscoting will hopefully get done a month or so. The color is "Chocolate Truffle" and I wish I had done it the day we moved in! I think it does the trick of making it feel like more of a separate room. This is the best picture I came up with..

Lastly, the girls' room used to be "Raspberry Fizz" and then I moved them to a different room and painted over it with grey for the guest room. I missed it too much!! This time we added a chair rail and painted the bottom-half white. It helps make the bright pink a little more palatable to the general public. We girls in the house can't get enough pink! Avery often quotes me, saying "you can never have too much pink." Gramma Ginny (Rich's mom) paints signs and custom-made this one just for us! It's perfect!

As I've said to many friends and family, we are not "project people". It was a big deal for us to take these on, but I'm so glad we did. Of course it's easy to say now that it's all over. And I'm really sick of painting.


  1. Love it! ALL of it!!

    If we had a house to get all projecty on, I would have your crew come here next.:) Instead I'll just live vicariously through you!

  2. It all looks so good! I just love that wainscoting! And the chocolate truffle is one I'll keep tucked away for some future room of mine, it's lovely! Good enough to eat!:) You guys did a great job and I know how good it feel to complete a project and feel so proud!

  3. It turned out wonderful! I can't wait to see it in person! It's amazing what a little paint and wainscoating will do! Even though your house looked very nice before too! Way to go!