Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sleep Study Update

A few friends have asked for an update, so I thought I'd better make a note here on my blog about the results of my study. I went up to see the neurologist as a follow-up appointment two weeks after my study. As he came in, he proclaimed, "Well, I guess we can determine that you're the worst sleeper in the world!" He went on to say that he just chuckled to himself as he read all the paperwork on my study. I, being good natured, also saw the humor in it and laughed along with him. It truly was a terrible study! Then he said what I thought he'd say: we were able to rule out sleep apnea and therefore I probably don't need another overnight study done. However, he wants me to try the daytime sleep study (multiple sleep latency test) again. I shared my apprehension that it would do much good, but was willing to try again. He assured me that he's not going to leave me out to dry if they aren't able to determine anything. I feel pretty well taken care of and comfortable that something will eventually get resolved!

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  1. Don't get discouraged friend! At least you don't have sleep apnea! How nice to know this doctor isn't willing to give up on you! Hang in there!