Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping in the Backyard

Our good friends, Jennifer and Jonathan, asked us to go camping with them this summer. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a farewell event, since they are moving out of the state in just a few days! As it turned out, everyone else in Oregon had planned to camp, too, so there was no sites available. We made the most of the weekend and decided to camp in our backyard! Jen and Jon even pitched their tent and we all slept in the backyard. We had such a good time! In the morning, we got up and went hiking at Silver Creek Falls after breakfast.

This is one of my favorite camping traditions - Jiffy Pop over the fire.
Jonathan is so great with the girls. They immediately took to both Jennifer and Jonathan and talk about them all of the time. Allie's always looking for a welcome lap to sit in.

This is one of the falls to see at Silver Creek Falls. It's so beautiful!

I know this looks terrible! Allie just can't seem to stay out of trouble! I don't know how many times she biffed it near the water. This time Jennifer had to wring out Allie's skirt. Poor kid!
Jennifer and Raleigh are pals...We're so sad to be saying goodbye to our friends! They are so great with our kids and have been such a blessing to get to know. They have so much to offer and I know they'll make wonderful friends wherever they go, but I'm sad to lose them. Hopefully we'll get to stay in touch and visit someday!

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