Wednesday, July 22, 2009

County Fair

My good friend, Emily, and I took our kids to the Marion County Fair recently. Our main goal was to see the wiener dog races, since we both own Dachshunds. We had so much fun! This is Brynn, Blake, Avery, and Allie on a fire truck.Watching a magic show. It reminded me of one of Avery's regular prayers, "Thank you, Lord, that magic isn't real." She liked it, though! My angels in a police car - bit of a scary thought!Emily and I, both being very cheap people, refused to buy tickets for a ride. However, a very nice woman walked up to us and gave us just enough tickets for all the kids to have one ride! They picked the blue airplanes.Blake and Avery are such good friends! Emily and I are thinking we're going to have plenty of material if we ever have the need to put together a wedding slide show for the two of them! Boy, would I have some cute grandkids!Avery loves the smell of the petting zoo...Waiting for the wiener dog races to start.Get along, little doggies! This was really fun. Next year we'll bring Scooby and Raleigh.What a blessing to have such good friends!

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