Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Rich and I spent the week of Easter at church every evening preparing for the Easter musical. The kids were there, too, and had a blast. The program was a giant undertaking with something like 150 people involved, including costume design, makeup, choir members, drama, set design, orchestra, childcare, tech crew, etc... Rich was working on the lighting crew and I was a choir member.

Last year I helped as a stage hand and longingly watched the choir with my voice down to a whisper. I have nodules on my vocal chords and have made quite a bit of progress in letting them heal, but a whole week of singing and losing sleep strains it beyond what it can handle. So I was just thankful to have any kind of voice by Easter morning. It was scratchy and I couldn't hit every soprano note I wanted to, but it was still there. Praise God! I found myself praying for everyone with solos and drama parts and simply asking God to let me have a voice to add to the choir. He was so faithful. As each song started, I had just a little more to give :)

Our church does an Easter egg hunt every year on Saturday of the holiday weekend and our girls are there, rain or shine!

This year I let the girls pick out their own Easter dresses, in the hopes that they'd actually want to wear them for the rest of the spring/summer season. I like their picks :)

We headed to my mom's house for Easter dinner. We actually had some sun for just a bit and the kids got to hunt eggs in Nana's yard.

This is my sweet niece Olivia. Seriously, SO cute!

Got a fun pic with my sister in law, Jana. Yay for SUN!!!!!!!!

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  1. all your pictures have sunshine in them!! :) yay for sun...most of the weekend!! The girls look adorable in their dresses too!! And love the pic of beautiful you and your SIL! :)