Friday, April 1, 2011

What I want to do

A few days ago, after I had made time to play Memory and Disney Rumikub with Allie, and was in the middle of changing sheets and cleaning bathrooms, Allie exclaimed something in frustration. Before I share her statement, I'd like to point out what she was doing at the moment she said it: she was jumping on her cool indoor trampoline. So as she was jumping without a care in the world, Allie said to me, "Mom, you always do what you want to do!" Her sister was gone at school and I guess she was feeling a little bored. Of course my reply was, "Do you really think this is what I want to be doing right now?" I'm sure I probably felt the same way she does when I was her age. I'm glad my kids see me working hard. Avery often comments on how hard I work around the house and recognizes how much I need those foot rubs twice a year (Mother's Day and my birthday). And I guess I'm glad that it at least looked like I wanted to be doing what I was doing. Honestly, I was happy to be taking care of my home and family. I get a lot of joy out of providing a comfortable and clean home for the three most important people in my world. But let's face it: if I had been doing exactly what I wanted, I'd have been... hmmm... what would I have been doing??? reading a book? ...watching a good movie and eating pizza and drinking a milkshake? ...sitting on a cruise ship in the sunshine with some strawberry lemonade? a spa resort in Greece getting some sort of exotic mud massage? Now that's something to think about.... :)


  1. Oh our kids, they have it so good! It's the joy of the Lord shining out of you that make them see you serving with such a happy heart. Love that little rascal!

  2. Great post! Totally agree with Connie. I gotta tell you though. Reading your wish list made me pretty excited! Sounds awesome! :0)