Monday, January 31, 2011

A Rowzee "First"

We were on a weekend trip with friends when the moment arrived. Avery said, "Mom, my tooth is hurting a little." My response was, "Well, I guess you could have a loose tooth..." So I tried a little wiggle and could hardly believe it - it was LOOSE! Avery sat in her chair, very calmly, but with a huge grin on her face as I ran throughout the house announcing to everyone that Avery had a loose tooth! I'm not sure why, but I have been anxious for her to get a loose tooth. She's nearing seven years old and it seems that every one of her friends has lost several teeth already. I just hadn't had that experience yet of having a child lose a tooth and was beginning to feel left out. I think it also has to do with the fact that I lost very few teeth as a child - most were pulled by the dentist. Not sure why, but my baby teeth would not leave my mouth without a fight! So I've just wanted to know that my daughters will not be becoming their dentist's best friend as I did.
It took nearly 3 more weeks of watching her wiggle it for it to finally come out. One night I just gave it a little tug - and out it came! She was shocked! I've already seen her do quite a few things in her life that she should be very proud of, but I think this was the proudest I've seen her.
A quick background on why there are TWO missing teeth. She cracked her top tooth as a 1 1/2 year old and the dentist eventually had to remove it.
Soon after I realized she had a loose tooth, I decided I had to make her a tooth pillow. I had one as a kid and can still picture it in my mind. I decided my daughter needed one, too! You have to have a little pocket for the tooth and for the tooth fairy to leave the little treasure!

We've never really encouraged belief in fictional characters. I wasn't prepared when the question came up about Santa, so I just told the truth right away. I've never dispelled the tooth fairy fantasy, although I haven't exactly encouraged it, either. So I got a real kick out of Avery's comment the next morning after she got a dollar in her pillow. She said, "Well, I guess I know now that the tooth fairy is real!"


  1. Still love that pillow! Perfect little place for those long awaited lost teeth!

  2. There are certain factors why some kids experience some delay in losing a tooth. The earlier the baby teeth come in, the earlier they are likely to fall out. Maybe Avery developed her baby teeth at a later time, that's why she lost her first tooth late. Don't worry, most kids lose their baby teeth by the age of 13. She'll come to that point. ;) Nice tooth pillow, btw.

    Sean Butcher