Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Fun Night

We love family fun nights. We usually have them on Fridays, but sometimes I'll just plan one in the middle of the week if I'm getting the "vibe" that our family needs it. I sat in a special little mothers' brunch this morning and was encouraged to put some effort into making some memories with my family. I had already told the girls, as I dropped Avery off at school, that we'd have a family fun night tonight. Avery likes to go through her day knowing she has that to look forward to. I thought it would be fun to make up a few clues and do a kind of scavenger hunt around town with our little family of four. However, I couldn't come up with a lot of things we could do that didn't involve eating at every stop and spending a ton of money. Perhaps you'll think my destinations less than wonderful, but this was last minute and on a limited budget!

Here's our first clue:
This is a really good place to go.

Your mother and father are telling you so.
So will you put on a smile and buckle up tight
And get ready for a really fun family night!

Avery actually laughed when she guessed Goodwill. She thought it would be ridiculous that we would go there. She said, "It's not really Goodwill. That's not fun." um.... my thought had been that we'd go pick out a new-to-us movie or a game. So I showed my little bit of disappointment at their lack of enthusiasm and Rich sent me to the car and had a little talk with them. Whatever he said worked! They were quite grateful and perfectly happy the rest of the night. We ended up picking out a game and got home and realized there were no directions!

I really only had a short while this afternoon to come up with anything. So, we only ended up with two destinations. I had a lot of fun with it, though, so I'm thinking I'll do this again and maybe spice it up a little more. :)

Second clue:

Next is the rock that's the opposite of hot.

Something salty to eat, it is not.

Creamy and sweet, it's always good to eat.

We'll end our night with a fun treat.

I'm so glad I did this. We all had a great time. My favorite part is the fact that it made Rich really happy. Several times throughout the night, he just mentioned how fun it was that I planned something different for us. My sweet daughters thanked me over and over at the end of the night for their scavenger hunt. I asked Allie as I tucked her in bed what her favorite part of her day was. Before I share her answer, I should explain that she got to play with a good friend at church, and then went to the carousel and McDonald's with her Papa and cousin. She had a day full of Allie-size fun! So of course my heart melted when she said the scavenger hunt was her favorite part of the day.

One of my other thoughts for a destination was the library, but it closed too early. Please share if you have any good ideas of a cheap (or better yet, FREE) evening family activity to include on a future Rowzee family scavenger hunt!


  1. The scavenger hunt is a really fun idea! We'll have to try that some time.

    In the summer time you would have a lot more cheap/free options--a trip to a park or a short little hike would be fun.

    I've done something similar with my kids, where they pick a fun activity out of a bowl. A couple of our other trips have been to the pet store (to admire all the cute pets, not the buy!) or to the toy store (the ones that let you play with all the toys--just to play, not to buy), or to a coffee shop that has kids' toys so they can play and each get a cookie or a hot chocolate. Feeding the ducks at the park was another one, and I recall we did that on a cloudy day--though right now it might be too dark in the evenings.

  2. For a really special treat you could do a family movie at Northern Lights (there's usually coupons in that mailer)...and if there's nothing appropriate playing that late in the evening you could always do a late afternoon on sat or sun.:)

    How about a trip to the dollar store to pick something out?

    Also, just take them to the grocery store and let them pick out ANYTHING they want! (1 per child of course)

    Donut shop

    Obviously as it gets warmer you'll have way more options.:)