Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Avery's worst part of the day

There are so many things we have to do every day that are not a whole lot of fun. Of course my complaints are very different from Avery's. She six years old. I mean, really. What does she have to complain about? Wanna know what makes her break into tears almost every night and takes her 5 times as long as it should? Brushing her teeth. She whines and complains and takes FOREVER to brush her teeth. Many nights she stands in the bathroom crying at the mirror with the toothbrush just hanging out of her mouth. And my sympathy goes right out the window. I can't feel sorry for her at that moment.

So, she has grown in so many ways. Her prayer request on more than one occasion recently has been that she can brush her teeth without getting upset. At least she recognizes her struggles! Avery is far from perfect, but she is such a delight... just not at the moment I tell her every night to brush her teeth...

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  1. Funny, what things seem little us and are huge deals for our kids.