Saturday, November 28, 2009

Avery's Prayer

Last night at bedtime prayers, I had to rush out as soon as Avery had prayed so I could scribble down her precious words...

"Dear God, thank You that we can have a fun time together. And thank You that you didn't lie and that You're the perfect One. And thank You that You didn't have any accidents when You made the world. And thank You that magic isn't real - like magic carpets and stuff. Amen."

Allie's prayer went something like this: "Dear God, help us to be good and thank You for the gooey geyser. [peels of laughter..] And thank You for the gooey geyser [more laughter...]. And thank You for the gooey geyser [still more laughter...] Amen." (the gooey geyser being something from a Dora movie) That kid thought she was SO funny!

My prayer: "Lord, thank You for the blessing of my husband and daughters. Thank You that they know You and grow their hearts to a better understanding of Your love and what You did when you sent Jesus to die on the cross for their sins. Let Rich and I love each other and You more every day. Amen!!!"


  1. So sweet! I love it! Thank You Lord for little voices and words!

  2. What sweet words!!! Love their innocent, little hearts! And you're a great mom for teaching them those things they are thankful for! I am for sure learning from your great example!