Wednesday, November 18, 2009

See the Resemblance?

I thought it sounded fun to show the resemblances of our daughters to their parents. I will probably try this again when I find even better examples, but this is pretty close. This first picture is of me with my brother, Ryan.
The ages are not quite the same - I was a couple years older than Avery is here.
This is Rich's 2nd grade picture. He's SO CUTE!
Wish I had the perfect picture to show how much Allie looks like her daddy! Again, this is not quite the same age, but she's making a similar face.
I don't think I'll even go into how our girls resemble us in personality! That is better just witnessed in person. Oi!


  1. I love the picture comparisons! So much fun to see God's creativity in joining two people and creating a new unique but similar individual. Hey...why not go back another generation and compare grandkids to grandparents? That would be fun too!
    We are so thankful for our family and love you all so much! Love, Mom and Dad

  2. I totally see both resemblances. I love looking at pictures to see how kids look like their parents!

  3. So cute! Avery looks just like you! I love that, wish my kids looked more like me! Oh well, I'll settle for seeing double when I look at Russ and Ethan!

  4. So cute! That is so fun that the resemble you both so much! :)