Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kindergarten is Finally Here!

Well, like every young parent, it's hard to imagine them growing up. You know you'll eventually get to the "school-age era" of family life, Lord willing, but you can't quite picture it actually happening. So today we got up with lots of aspirations of plans such as: no TV until you're dressed; breakfast must be begun to be eaten by 8:00; and to be out the door by 8:30. The first two happened, but we still weren't out the door on time! Of course Avery decided to take her shoes off right before we left and had no idea where she had acted out that genius idea. Then we dropped Allie off at preschool, even though normally Avery will be first to be dropped, since I wanted to be able to go in with her and help her get settled. So, we were tardy for our first day of real school!

Avery is looking down and pouting a little because she didn't want us going in with her!
This pose is reenacted! She kept telling us to move back and didn't want us to go in with her! I reminded Rich of how worried he used to be that she'd be dependent and shy forever. She had quite a struggle for a long time at church, not wanting to go into her class. Even the last two years of preschool usually consisted of her hiding behind the door or holding onto me, not wanting to go in - never mind how much she loved her teacher and friends there. This is one more bit of proof that maturity happens, even with the most stubborn of children! I'm so proud of her, that I didn't mind her pushing me away a little. And that is proof of my maturity as a mom! The fateful day came and I survived with only a few tears as I prayed for her safety and discernment.
She seemed to have had a great day. Again, she was pouting a little when I picked her up and I was a little worried something upsetting had happened. Nope! It was just the disappointment of not getting to ride the kindergarten bus the first day of school. I think we're going to have a good year!


  1. What a beautiful smile on a beautiful girl!
    Avery, you are a sweet blessing and a light for Jesus! Have a great year in kindergarten!
    Love, Gramma Ginny and Grandpa Rich

  2. She looks so grown up! Love her cute outfit too! And I'm so thankful she did well and everything went so smoothly!

  3. Love her outfit!! She's a cutie! Glad it went well!

  4. I'm so proud of her! Look at that self assured happy, well rounded girl! Great job Erin, you are one heck of a mom!