Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I thought I'd inform those of you who don't know: my three year-old, Allie, is CRAZY! On top of that, she's fun, energetic, always trying to get a laugh out of you, extremely messy, daring, and incredibly sweet! She doesn't pronounce her "r's" or "l's" yet, so when I hear her little, somewhat raspy (because she's always on the verge of losing her voice, due to her frequently loud volume) voice saying, "Mommy, I wilwy, wilwy wuv you!" I just melt every time! Her regular nighttime prayer usually goes something like this: "Dear God, help us to be Avery to be Allie to be God to be us to not be mush (she made Avery laugh once when she said that, so she keeps trying), Amen."

We've had to call poison control twice for her so far. The first time was a fairly typical consumption: she had decided to eat toothpaste. She was fine. The next time was when Daddy called Mommy in a panic while she was out with a friend and said that Allie had eaten dog medicine. We had no idea how much. First she said she had eaten 7 pills, then 2, then we surmised that she may have not eaten any of them. We'll never know - but she never got sick. Last night I thought I might have to call again. I was in the room with her and watched her pick up the empty container of Clorox wipes, take off the top, and lift it to her mouth to chug down the remaining liquid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of it spilled down her clothes, because, as I've stated, she's also extremely messy! Plus, I figure she didn't enjoy the first little taste she got. What can I say? She's a nut!
I can't imagine life without Allie. She keeps me on my toes every second and I have so much fun with her. She has a certain "naked dance" that gets me every time! I do believe that she's just like me! This kid is going to be well-loved by her teachers, but definitely not the teacher's pet - that'll be Avery. Allie will be a bit of a class clown, always making her friends smile and willing to do just about anything to cheer people up. I love her to pieces!

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  1. Ahhh. I want to hug that little rascal right now! Clorox juice, what will she try next? :)