Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crazy Day

Ok, so I had one crazy day! It began uneventfully, but quickly snowballed. I went to the occupational therapist to talk about getting to use my finger again soon. The background on that situation is that I broke my left middle finger almost 6 weeks ago (while sleepwalking - more on that later). I had high hopes to get to play on our co-ed softball team in the next few weeks. Instead, I was informed that my latest x-ray indicated that my break has "changed" and is now displaced. Bummer! I'm not sure if that means surgery, or some other treatment. I will soon see someone with the orthepedics clinic to get more information. Until then, the brace stays on and I try to stop using my hand so much! The therapist asked if I was cooking, cleaning, etc... Of course!!!

I was also referred to and contacted today by the sleep disorder center. They had an opening today and I would otherwise have to wait three weeks. Evidently, the doctor wanted to see me soon. Since my wonderful husband was already coming home so I could go to the physical therapist, I ended up making an appointment in the afternoon to drive up to Portland and talk about my wacko sleep patterns. After an hour of spilling it to him, I left feeling validated and hopeful. I might have an issue and I'm probably not normal! Something most of you who know me knew long ago! :) You're thinking, "I could have told her that for free!" Anyway, I will be going in a month or so for a little vacation. I was a bit embarassed about the smile that crept onto my face when he said I would be tested in a hotel and asked to sleep as much as I can overnight and to take several naps into the next day (to test my daytime sleepiness problem).

Well, I rushed home and fixed dinner (yes, I know my finger's still broken, but the fam has to eat!), and rushed over to Club Rock Salt where I lead a group of 10 or so 3-5 graders at church. On top of it all, I was my normal tired with a headache added on, which went away with my trusty Exedrin, and really needed to get to sleep tonight. However, it's after midnight and here I am, proving my insanity!

The really good news is, it's not that big of a deal! God is so good. Our lesson at church tonight was focused on Philippians 4:19, "And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Not according to what I think I need (more sleep and a healed finger), but according to what He knows I need and what He considers riches (growth and an increased faith in Him). Praise the Lord that He keeps me grounded in Him while he grows me through these tiny trials!


  1. Now that is one crazy day! Wow Erin! I will be praying that they will figure out what to do with your medical issues! And hopefully nothing too serious! And um, I don't blame you for having a smile on your face for having to take naps and sleep as much as you can! That made me laugh! THanks for sharing!

  2. Amen sister! I'm glad you are going to get some help, what will you be like with full nights of sleep I wonder. You might be able to conquer the world!

  3. You know Andrew Cox is a hand theropist. And I have slept walked plenty of times, never broke a finger though. Dave has done the sleep disorder study - for sleep Apnea. Glad to have found your blog so I can see what is going on. I miss friends - having to work so much! Take care. Beth Tinseth