Friday, August 6, 2010

Too private for facebook.

Because I need to post something, as it's been way too long since my last post, and because this was just not quite appropriate to share with my 300+ "friends" on facebook, I'm sharing this little "diddy" with you faithful readers (all 5 of you). Granted, this website could technically be read by anyone on the internet and in that sense is a less private way of sharing details of my life. However, I'm sure many more people would stumble upon my facebook status as they read everyone's status updates, than people who stumble upon my blog.

How's that for an intro?

My rare moment of quiet reflection was interrupted by a sweet little voice and a roving hand pushing around my shower curtain. Allie exclaimed, "Hello, Naked Lady in the shower! I love you!"

Not sure when, or if ever, the whole idea of privacy comes into the mix when you're raising daughters. For now, I'm just happy to be loved by such a sweet (and spicy) little girl.