Saturday, August 14, 2010

Recent Family Pictures

Earlier this summer we had some family pictures done. My good friend, Wendy Kivett, is a great photographer and did a great job capturing my kiddos' spirit!
Don't know how many pictures I have of Allie sucking her fingers. I also don't know when or how we're going to break her of it! But she sure is cute when she does it!
My soon-to-be first grader! What a sweetheart!

Allie without her fingers in her mouth.
I've got one more year before this girl's in kindergarten.
Say it isn't so!

The rowdy Rowzee girls.

I love this picture, except for Rich's unfortunate face he's making. This won't be on our wall, but it almost made the cut!

As I write this, I'm in a moment of discouragement with the kids, just wondering if Rich and I are doing anything right. There is nothing in the world so challenging or more likely to make you feel like a complete failure than parenting. I think I especially feel this way as a mother who so badly wants to parent in a godly manner. These thoughts are really for another post. I will say, however, that God's Word is the best source of comfort and I was renewed as I read it this morning. All of this to say, it's so nice to have good family pictures to remind me of the beauty of God's creation, that is my family!! My daughters really do love each other and we are a happy family - at least in our pictures! :)


  1. You are your girls are absolutely beautiful, Erin! Wendy did a great job capturing that! You're a great mom, too. It seems like more often that not I don't have the patience to parent, especially David. Something that helps with the patient aspect, sometimes, is the Love and Logic concept. It takes the power struggle out of the relationship. I've got a book that is Love and Logic and toddlers, and even though are kids are past that point, it was recommended by my mom who said it works with my siblings who are now teenagers. Let me know if you'd like to take a look at it, although being a teacher I bet you're acquainted with the concept!

  2. Um, hello, those pics are beautiful friend! Lov ya!