Monday, October 29, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted and I am determined to get an October post in, so here ya go! 
Here's Avery enjoying one of our almost-daily treats: hot chocolate :)  Honestly, this isn't really fallish for us - Rowzee girls drink this throughout the summer, too.

I'm sorry, but I'm proud of this!  Avery decided she wanted Perry on her pumpkin I'd say Mom delivered.

Here's Avery going for the ball at her last soccer game of the season (she's in the blue jersey).  I'm pretty sure she got it :)

One of the reasons I insist on making sports work for our lives, despite my tendency to go nearly insane in my attempts to get both my kids to all their practices and games on time with gear on, is the experience of being on a team.  Honestly, every kid needs to live it at some point in their lives.
  This is Allie's team this year.  Cute group of girls :)
This is out of order, since we did this a few weeks ago.  We had a couple of hours between soccer games and decided to kill time at a nearby apple orchard.  Good times.

Apples are seriously Allie's favorite food.  She'll take it over candy or chocolate most days of the week. 

I still miss summer, with the warmth and the carefree days.  But if you gotta live it, you might as well enjoy it!

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