Sunday, September 23, 2012

Off to the races!

We had a little family adventure last week!  I've been talking for years about entering our long-haired dachshund in the local wiener dog races.  This year I finally did it.  A few days before the actual races, the girls and I showed up at 6 am for a little promotion for the Oktoberfest (in which the races were being held) on the local news.  Five other dogs were there and they ran a little practice race.  Raleigh was pretty confused, this being his first time.  He got last place.  Allie was QUITE disappointed about that :)  Ok, fine - we were ALL disappointed!  My kids didn't come by their competitive nature by accident. 
So last Saturday, we took Raleigh to try to make a name for himself.  And how did he do when it really counted?  Let me put it this way: at least he's pretty.  We've decided the race is WAY too short - it's literally about 10 yards.  We've decided he's more of a 50 yard racer.  He's just getting his speed up by the time it's over!  Not to mention he has no idea he's racing...
It was a really fun family memory, though.  And Raleigh had fun, too, I guess.  His smile is huge!

The memory was extra fun because we had our special buds with us.  Ethan and Hailey spent the weekend with us, since their parents were finishing up a mission trip in Rwanda.  Good times!!

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  1. yay Raleigh!! At least it was a fun memory!!! Thanks for loving my kids!!