Sunday, July 1, 2012

Guatemala mission

Well, I just don't know where to start!  My husband, Rich, and I got back a few days ago from our trip to Guatemala.  It was amazing.  We grew as a couple and as individuals.  We grew existing friendships and made new ones.  God stretched us and amazed us with what He accomplished through us! 

The whole group we traveled with was made up of a medical team, a school team, and a pastors team.  Rich and I were on the school team, so we usually went out in the morning to a school, returned to the hotel for lunch, then went to another school in the afternoon.  We sang songs, told stories, performed a skit, played games, gave testimonies, and shared the Gospel.  It was pretty amazing that the schools, mostly public, didn't care how much we shared about Christ.  Teachers and students alike listened and responded to our presentations.  We saw hundreds of children accept Jesus as their savior and even heard their prayers, since in their culture they usually pray out loud.  So sweet! 

This is the first school we went to on our first day.  The kids LOVED getting their picture taken.

I will need to spread this over several posts.  My heart and head are full of thoughts and I'm still processing :)  I can't wait to keep sharing with you of our experience!

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