Saturday, June 9, 2012


I can hardly believe it, but Rich and I will soon be traveling to Guatemala.  I'm done with school and I can finally focus on this giant thing that we are about to do.

Rich and I decided to sponsor a second Compassion child a year or so ago when our church encouraged everyone to sponsor a child in a certain town in Guatemala, with the hopes of someday doing a mission trip there and visiting the children.  That really appealed to Rich and I and we picked a little girl a year or so younger than our youngest daughter.

So here we are!  A group of people from our church is joining the Reid Saunders Association and heading down to Guatemala.  We will be visiting the Compassion center where around 80% of 150 are sponsored by people from our church.  We will be able to run a vbs for these precious children.  Many of them come from homes of drug addictions, alcoholism, and domestic violence, not to mention poverty.  Many of them just want to feel loved!  Rich and I will be able to visit with our sponsor daughter, also. 

In addition to this, we will be visiting schools for several days.  They will allow us to share our testimonies and the good news of Jesus with all the kids in these schools.  There will also be a medical team running a clinic for several days, as well as a pastor's conference.  Toward the end of our 11 day trip, we will be assisting RSA with running a 2-day evangelistic festival, complete with professional bmx stunts (I'm rusty on my skills, so I won't be a part of that). 

Of course we would love to have you pray for the people of Guatemala, that their hearts will be soft and prepared to accept salvation.  Also pray that the team would be unified, confident, and healthy.  Lastly, I would ask that you pray that our kids stay happy and healthy while we're away and that this mama and daddy can serve God without missing our kids too much!!

We're so very grateful for everyone who contributed financially to this mission and for all your prayers.  In the words of Reid Saunders, "All for Jesus!" 

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  1. I'm really looking forward to hearing stories about this when you are back and have time for your blog! What an amazing opportunity.