Friday, November 4, 2011

Soccer Stars

Every mom thinks their kids are stars. Both my girls played soccer this year and it was so much fun! Avery played for a year, but took last year off. This year she was put on a team that had already been playing together for a while and the girls were really good. After the first practice, Avery didn't want to go back. She learned right away that these girls were good and she was really behind in soccer knowledge and training. But after the second practice she couldn't wait to go back! It was really awesome to see her learn so quickly and improve so much in a season. I was so impressed as I watched her handle the ball! She never became the star player, but she got pretty good and earned the admiration of her teammates and coach. And now she loves soccer.

She especially loved playing goalie.

Team Roma!

Allie's team... Well, I avoided, for a few weeks, all the emails pleading for a parent to step up and coach her team. We finally had a practice that was run by the soccer club and they again begged someone to step up. Well, if you know my personality, you aren't a bit surprised that I said I'd do it. Never mind that I just started a new job. Never mind that I don't know anything about soccer. I do know sports and I do know how to coach. Another mom agreed to coach with me and that was that. I think Allie would have done a little better with someone else coaching - she's so clingy with me. But I'm glad Allie got to play. She was definitely the go-getter on her team.

My kids have athletic genes. Avery has the determination that will help her succeed at just about anything she tries. Allie has a little more raw athletic ability. Both my kids are a joy to watch on the soccer field! We had a soccer party for Avery's team and the parents played with the players. It was so fun! Rich even scored a goal in his dress clothes from work! Now I want to add soccer to my list of sports to learn in my adulthood :) The Rowzees love sports!


  1. Your daughters are so beautiful. Love your post!

  2. I think soccer is the one sport my whole family loves. We'll play with you! I wanted to play soccer for Lebanon when I was a freshman but my mom said no. Cheer leading instead, more girly I guess. :( Love these pics!

  3. Love this!! They are lil soccer beauties!! And what an awesome mom you are to step up and coach on top of all your other job titles! :)