Sunday, September 18, 2011

Porch Invasion

This summer was so different for us. My girls spent almost every day outside on our porch - hours at a time. Our next door neighbor was usually over and they played "family" or something equally exciting. At times, other neighbors found their way over to our porch and my kids figured "the more the merrier." As I listened to them play outside, I couldn't believe we were at this moment. I've been a mom for seven and half years and it was so weird to have my kids home, but not. I could watch a show I wanted to watch. I could start a chore and actually finish it in one sitting.

It did get a little old that my kids were constantly coming in and out and hauling their toys to be spread out over our front lawn. And they were frequently asking to share popsicles with everyone who had found their way to our porch. But in a conversation with a friend this week I was reminded that I want our house to be one of those houses where all the teenagers are hanging out. I want our girls to stay here and bring their friends with them. But I guess we don't really need to wait until they're teenagers! They are already having friends over and passing out food. Eventually it'll just evolve from imaginary games and popsicles to movies, pizza, and pop. I hope our house continues to be "the place to be."

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  1. That's so great. I'm not quite there with my kiddos yet. I can't trust my 3-year-old not to wander into the street...and therefore all 3 of my kids are still confined to the back yard. But I'm dreaming of the day when my kids can hang out with the neighbors too. Sunny days, playing on the porch, popsicles--sounds perfect!