Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bible Bee

We made a giant commitment this summer in signing up for the National Bible Bee. I think this was the 4th year of its existence, but the first year for the Salem, OR chapter. I knew it was going to be a challenge. I knew there would be days where I would have to work hard to keep Avery interested and motivated. Well, I underestimated what a challenge it would be for our whole family. It's pretty intense. In the end, Avery participated in the "easier" level, which doesn't qualify to compete nationally. In order to do that, she would have had to memorize 250 verses in 12 weeks and take a 200 question test on the book of 1 Peter. As it is, the girl did amazing. She memorized all 50 verses (30 passages) for her level and division. We tried to stick with the 1 Peter study, but it was just too challenging for her reading and ability level (she had to take a 100 question test on 1 Peter). So we focused on the Scripture memory. After the 12 weeks, we had the local competition and my parents and Rich's mom came to hear Avery show her stuff. She was escorted into a room with 2 judges and had 10 minutes to say 25 passages. I knew that was nearly impossible. It was a little sad for me, since I knew she knew her verses and wouldn't get a chance to say all of them, but that's just my over-competitive side rearing it's ugly head. She did great! I could hardly hold the tears back. There's something pretty wonderful about hearing your somewhat shy child stand in the middle of a room and quietly quote the Word of God. I was so happy that her grandparents came to hear her. They were blessed, also. She got to one verse that she didn't know very well, which I was surprised. Turns out we had learned it a few weeks before and lost the flashcard for it, so she hadn't been practicing that one. Bummer! Of course that was the only she didn't know perfectly and of course they asked her that one! Again, mommy is too competitive...

This was her turn to be on stage and receive a certificate.

Not sure why this picture is so blurry, but it still documents that Nana and Gramma Ginny were there to support her.

Overall, my daughter memorized an amazing amount Scripture this summer. It took a lot of work and effort on my part to keep her motivated. I think we've decided that we'd love for her to participate next year, but it needs to be something she's sure she wants to do. We'll see what she's thinking when next spring rolls around. I'm really proud of her and thankful for the brain God has given her to be able to do what she did this summer!

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  1. I'm so proud of both of you! What an accomplishment! love that family picture too!