Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crack of Dawn

I know it's raining this week and that's a bummer. But it is still nice to not have to wait until 7:30 am to see a ray of light. Getting up for a run a little before 6 and have it already light outside is soooooo wonderful! However, NOT getting up for a run and have light streaming in everywhere and my five year-old daughter already up before 6 - not so wonderful. I can't get too upset at Allie for being up so early. After all, I'm awake, too! I can't sleep through sunlight. I know, I need to get room darkening curtains and do whatever else makes sense to get my room a bit darker. I've already done that for the girls' room and Allie is still waking up, though.

She's done this ever since I can remember. Every Spring I battle trying to keep her quiet in the morning so that her sister and dad can sleep. The kid doesn't know the meaning of "whisper". It's not physically possible for her. The girls share a room and I try to have her go in the playroom next door, but she gets the blocks out and bangs them around, sings a song, or plays the keyboard. It's always something!!!

So this morning it was 5:50 and I had already woken up around 5:15 and somehow managed to fall back asleep a bit, but she woke me up laying on the floor outside of my room. I was getting up for a run, so it was fine, but I had to figure out how to keep her quiet so the rest of the house can sleep. She lost the chance to watch tv first thing when she began arguing with me, so that option was off the table. I had her come downstairs and snuggle the dog (whose paws seem injured so he wasn't running with me). Evidently she feel asleep!

So all I'm saying is that this is a bit frustrating. I don't have a baby keeping me up all night. I have healthy, happy, secure children - one of which just likes to wake up early. Get over it, Erin!

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