Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Allie's Birthday

My baby is five! She is so cute about it, too. She keeps thinking she can do things a little bit better, now that she's five. She'll attempt something, like maybe a cartwheel or something, claim that she can do it better now "because I'm five."
A couple days before her birthday, we met with a bunch of her friends at an indoor park in town. She's been begging me for weeks to take her. I thought this was a good reason to get over there. This is just about all the friends that came, all piled in the little-spinny-thing. What a cute bunch of kids!!
Time to pile out!


A few of the kids didn't want to cooperate, but here's a few of them back at our house for cake and presents. We are really blessed with a great group of kids for both of our daughters to be friends with.

Something has been funny on my photo library and I'm just wanting to get this posted, so I'm posting another picture sideways.

And another... this is Allie's present from us: a Koala pillow pet.

This one turned for me... Allie got a special doll from her grandma and grandpa.

We celebrated on her birthday by going out to breakfast with just the four of us. The girls think IHOP is about the best place on earth! It was a rare thing for us to do, so we really had a good time. We just kinda hung out for the afternoon, and then spent the evening with Gramma Ginny and Grandpa Rich. All Allie wanted to do was do a scavenger hunt, similar to the one I did a few weeks ago that I shared about. So I made some clues and we ended up at the pet store, the carousel, and one of our favorite places for dinner, Adam's Rib and Smokehouse. It was a great day!!!


  1. What a happy day! Thank you, Jesus!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Allie! The kiddos had such a fun time at your party!!!