Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You know you're a mother of young kids when...

You know you're a mother of young kids when you are CONSTANTLY scrubbing food and who-knows-what-else off you kitchen table and chairs.


  1. One time a friend, who was ALSO a mom of young children, came over to my house, started to put her child in a chair at my kitchen table, then stopped, politely asked for a rag, and wiped the chair down before putting her kid down on it. Embarrassing much?!

  2. Once I was having a pampered chef party at my house and the consultant and I were setting up before hand and she was helping me carry my table into the living room to set up on it. She set it down abruptly and told me there was something sticky on the underside of the table. She went to wash her hands and I peeked under there and there was like a whole PBJ's worth of jelly smeared under there! Thanks a lot kids!