Monday, February 8, 2010

So, this post is pretty much a bunch of pictures of my recent "dream vacation" with a few of my best gals. We were gone from Monday -Friday and had a wonderful time with a little bit of everything: rest/relaxation, exploring, shopping, good food, and a ton of laughter! What a memory!

This is Connie and me in front of our room.

I think my favorite day was Tuesday, when we spent the day on Catalina Island. The only town on the island is Avalon. A few of us got off early and went for a run in the morning, got back on and cleaned up, ate lunch, and then we all got off and explored for the afternoon. What a beautiful place! None of us wanted to leave!

Good friends together in a beautiful place! How cool is that??
This is El Casino, which means "meeting place" in Italian. It was built to debut the first motion picture with sound - "The Jazz Singer".

We were the last boat back to the ship, out of more than 2,000 people on board!

Gotta have an elevator picture!

Karin and Erin posing pretty...
This was our attempt to take a self-portrait with our towel elephant. You'll have to use your imagination!

I said before I even left that what I really wanted from Mexico was a "designer" bag and an authentic taco. My Gucci is pink and I got a delicious fish taco! Richie says that's not really authentic - that fish tacos originate from San Diego and not Mexico, but it's good enough for me. YUM!

This is all of us enjoying our tacos.

Connie and me in front of La Bufadora, the blow hole, in Ensenada.

Um, this is so cute of Connie! What a haggler - I was glad to have her with me! Well, I'm always glad to have her with me, but you get my point!

This was our "at sea" day. We had so much fun reading on the deck in the sun! We also got to participate in a beanbag toss contest and be witnesses to a truly amazing event - the "men's hairy chest" contest. Trust me, you're glad I don't have pictures of that! :)

This is Wendy and me at the beanbag toss. I smoked 'em!

This is me with our servers, Joy and Jadeesh.
Seriously an amazing adventure with 7 amazing women!!!


  1. Thanks so much for posting pictures for me to see! what a wonderful relaxing trip it looks like you got to take! Next time I am going with you all! :) hehe! So glad you got the opportunity to do this!And what memories!

  2. Oh I wish we were getting up to go running on Catalina Island and looking forward to a day of shopping! What a fun trip! You were such a good roomy and really funny too!

  3. I have mentioned how much I love the picture from the bean bag toss competition? Go Erin! You were robbed.

  4. Still think it's SO COOL that you all got to do that together! What a special time and memories made!

  5. found you, cutie gaggle of girls. :)