Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sisterly Love

Avery and Allie have been playing so well together lately (knock on wood). We have had quite a few battles in the last year with these two firey girls. And when you throw me into the mix, you have three passionate, verbal, fiesty girls who sometimes have trouble keeping our voices and attitudes calm. I tell Rich all the time, "It's better when you're around - we need a calm male presence." However, we sure do have some sweet times, we three girls! This morning, as I was making some banana bread, the girls were having so much fun together. As they sat together combing each other's hair, Allie said out of the blue, "Avery I wilwy wove you!" Translation: "Avery, I really love you!" My heart just melted! Truly, I've been praying for their unity as sisters and I'm very sure we have many tough roads ahead with two passionate girls so close in age, but God has wonderful things in mind for these two sisters! I'll keep praying, but thank you, Lord, for these blessings along the way!

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