Friday, June 12, 2009

Have you read my blog lately?

So, among us bloggers (I'm very new to this arena), I hear a phrase spoken often, "Have you read my blog lately?" I would like to state that, for myself and most of us out there, it does not come out of an expectation that you should be reading our blog every day. I do not pretend to think that my life is so interesting that people out there are just dying to read what happens next! No, instead it usually comes out of a desire to not repeat myself. The anecdotes I share here are also ones I'm likely to share in a conversation. This can easily result in the repetition of a story. I tend to do this anyway, and I'd like to avoid it when I can. What I really hate is when I ask, "Have I already told you this one before?" and the person replies that yes, indeed I had, and then I CONTINUE the story! As Avery told me yesterday, "that is so LAME-O!" So I apologize to any of you (I'm sure it's a majority of you) that I've asked if you've read my blog - putting you in an awkward position in which, if you were honest, you would have to say, "I don't ever read your blog". I simply want to make sure you haven't already heard this one...
And, completely off the subject: do any of you Walmart shoppers find yourselves singing that annoying, whistled tune that is constantly playing over the loud speakers in your head? Just a minute ago I could have sworn I was walking through Walmart right now, so loud was that tune playing in my head!


  1. Funny Erin, and I know what you mean.

  2. Life is a musical everyday, everytime. And yes, I do read your blog, do you read mine? and I do another one for my former student (18 yr old Randy) that is battling cancer

  3. I'm the same way--my funniest stories go on my blog, and I'm sure people get tired of hearing them again.