Friday, April 24, 2009

Mornings with Daddy

Since Rich changed jobs 6 months ago, we have really enjoyed having some morning time with him. He goes to work an hour later, so the girls actually get to see him before he leaves. I think we all like this arrangement. On the rare occassions that one of them is still sleeping before he leaves, Daddy is so sad he hasn't gotten his hug and kiss. There has been a few times recently that Avery's been sleeping and he's written a special note to her for the day. She loves it! This morning Daddy sang through a Bible songs book with the girls. What a blessing to have a husband who so joyfully spends quality time with his daughters, teaching them about the Lord!


  1. So sweet! DAddy's lil girls! They look like such little angels with their blond hair! :) Your girls are so sweet! And love the cute note idea that he does for Avery! Iit is true to have a wonderful, godly husband!

  2. You must video tape the singing, I'd love to hear it. Such a good dad.

  3. My heart is blessed. I love you all!
    Grandma Ginny/ mom :)