Monday, April 2, 2012

Good stuff

As I was saying goodnight to Avery tonight, she said to me, "Mom, I think God must be the best artist ever." Of course I agreed, but I wanted to know where that was coming from. After I asked, she said, "Because He made us symmetrical." She went on to tell me that they had learned to draw clowns in art class today and talked about how our bodies are symmetrical. Now, were she in a Christian school, I'm sure the teacher would have taken the opportunity to discuss God's great design. However, she is in a public school and I know God wasn't discussed. But that didn't stop my girl! She found her own Biblical Integration (one of those terms from my elementary education days in college when I had to add that element to every lesson plan). She immediately thought of God's amazing artistry in creating us symmetrical.

This is one of those moments in which I'm reminded that God's will always prevails. He is growing and teaching my children even when I'm not present and even when the teacher has no idea she is being used to draw my daughter into a deeper understanding of her Creator. Good stuff :)


  1. This made me smile...and think how good God is to continue to use our little ones to share truth even! Such a good reminder to keep teaching them God's Word! Thanks for sharing Erin!

  2. awww....I love our little thinker! So thankful that she loves to learn and knows that it all comes back to God! Love, Gramma Ginny

  3. That is really cool Erin. I had one of those moments last year when I was teaching about the solar system and how (God) put the Earth in the exact right place. A little closer to the sun and we would burn up, a little farther, we would freeze. AMAZING! Me, being the teacher in a public school, I could explain it all and how it was put in just the right place (did not add by whom) but they had to fill that in themselves. It was a pretty cool moment.