Sunday, February 12, 2012

She's Six!

I could write a book about my youngest daughter. More than one person has suggested it. I never know what a moment holds with her: whether she's going to chuck a shoe at someone's head out of some crazy (usually innocent) impulse, or if she's going to wrap her arms around my neck and declare her undying love for me.

She turned 6 years old today! She's been claiming to be "the birthday girl" all week, in numerous attempts to receive special treatment.

I love this shirt her Aunt Connie got her! She really does love sports and she's going to be playing tee ball this year. Perfect!

The girl loves chocolate. She gets offended if I come home from the grocery store with anything other than chocolate ice cream. So we decided on brownies for her party. I made brownie bites and put a letter on each "bite" to spell "Happy Birthday Allie!" Nothing too impressive, but it needed to be easy this year and Allie was happy!

We also found the perfect shirt for her party. It says, "Brownies Rule". Even better, the brownie on the shirt is scratch n sniff! Allie had everyone smelling her stomach :)

Seriously, there are many days when this girl has me on my knees in prayerful disbelief. I often have no idea what to do with her! But she is so full of life and she has hundreds of great qualities. I really think she's going to do something amazing for God someday! I can't imagine life without this ball of fire :)

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  1. I can't imagine life without her either! She is such a character and we love her so!