Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disney Adventure is Almost Here!!!

That's right. We're actually getting to go to Disneyland! It's a trip I honestly thought probably wouldn't happen until my kids were twice the age they are now. We have the privilege of attending my freshman college roommate's wedding in Sacramento on the first Saturday of spring break. I got the wild idea to bring our kids with us and then keep on driving! My wonderful parents are meeting up with us after the wedding and doing Disney with us. Needless to say, we are beyond excited! Allie has just turned 5 and our last day in the park is the day before Avery's 7th birthday. I think they are at a great age to enjoy the park. A year or two ago would have been too hard, since they were still napping. And I just don't think we'd have had as much fun.

So I've done a few things to prepare. I'm making a map of our trip for them to mark our progress. I'm making a bingo game of things they will see on the way. I bought a kids atlas with activities for them for every state in the US. I've also purchased Disney shirts ahead of time - enough for each girl to have a new shirt every day. And Disney sunglasses... Oh, and I'm so excited about this one: a Minnie mouse jibitz (those little accessories for Crocs) for each of the girls - we love our Crocs!

So I'm looking for some more ideas for our trip. Tips on Disneyland? Tips for a road trip? I'd like some ideas for food - we're hoping to bring a lot of our own. I'm even planning on bringing a toaster for the hotel. Snack ideas? Games for the car? Anything!!!


  1. YOu will have such a great time!! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to see pics and hear abouot your fun new memories!!

  2. Bring water bottles!!!! You'll all be thirsty all the time and the bottled water at the park is like five dollars each. Refill at fountains and bathrooms. If you can't bring in your own water bottles buy one and refill it again and again!