Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A First for Avery

Well, I did it. I dropped my firstborn child off for an entire day of school. I won't see her again until 3:15. For a mom who has been home with her children since their birth, this is a big deal. I can't begin to explain the pride I have in this sweet girl. When I think back to our struggles when she was 2,3, and 4, I can hardly believe the moment we're in now.
The other day I was reminded of the first time I tried to take Avery on a bike ride. She screamed her head off the entire 5 minutes from the back of my bike. She was 2 years old. I attempted a time or two more, but she hated it every time. Now she rides her 2-wheeler with confidence and begs me to let her ride her bike.
Allowing and encouraging your kids to grow up can be a scary thing. But that's what my job is all about - giving her wings, teaching her to fly, and then letting her do it.
So here she is: my first grader!!!

We went on a search for the perfect backpack for Avery. She's not your typical 6 year old American girl - Barbie and Tinkerbell are fine and all, but MARIO takes the cake! So when we found a pink one, we knew it was the one!

Walking into her classroom.

I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall today! I wrote her a note, sent her favorite (bite-size) candy bar in her lunch, and left her to her day. Her teacher is the age of my parents and I hear she is a neat Christian woman. She is a seasoned teacher with her "ducks in a row", so to speak. I was thinking about why I feel so peaceful this morning, and I know a lot of it is because I'm so glad about who her teacher is. However, I'd like to think God has been growing and preparing me in all my anxiety about letting her go. I feel so blessed with where He brought me and has placed Avery! It is going to be a wonderful year!


  1. What a cutie! Isn't it great to see the hard work you put in earlier paying off with confident, happy kids now? I'm sure she'll have so many exciting things to tell you when she gets home!

  2. Avery is adorable! I'm so proud of my granddaughter!!!!!!!!!
    She looks so happy and confident and she brings back so many memories of Richie when he was in first grade. So glad to hear that she had a great first day! My prayers go with her.
    love, gramma ginny

  3. She looks so grown up! She is so pretty! And hwat an awesome backpack!! :) I have to show that to the boys they will think that's pretty cool! :) Your such a good mommy Erin and you and Rich are doing a great job in raising her to love the Lord...she will be a light to others in this dark world!