Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Holidays part 2

Our preschool always does a cute little Christmas program. This year they did the ABC's of Christmas. Allie's line was "D is for Donkey." It was our family homework to decorate a poster with her line in mind. Poor Allie had a pretty unimpressive poster, compared to the glitter and pizazz of most of the other letters! Sorry, honey!
This is Allie in the crowd of preschoolers on stage. She sings all the time at home, but can't seem to open her mouth much on stage. I'm pretty sure she'll grow out of that!

Rich's mom, Gramma Ginny, was able to come see the program. I really appreciated her making the 45 min. drive to see Allie's event.

I had just gotten done telling a friend that Rich wasn't going to be able to be there, due to just plain too much to do at work, but then he showed up! Allie-girl was pretty happy!
Seriously, this girl is one of the best people in the whole world to get a hug from!!
Need I explain?
Christmas morning with our girls!!

These are the gifts they got for each other. Avery and I made a "fuzzy" pillow for Allie. Anyone who knows her knows how much she loves her fuzzy blanket (that's what she named it) that Aunt Jana made her last year. You know, the soft fleece no-sew blankets with all the ties. Allie and I picked out a cute hat and gloves for Avery, something she loves to wear. Those gloves are supposedly Avery's size!

I just thought I'd throw this in. Rich's mom made us this sign and I just love it. It's in my hall above a family picture already. What a great gift!

Truly, the best gift of all is our salvation. The knowledge that Christ gave up His throne in heaven and came to earth the live as a "man of sorrows" and pay the debt I owed - unbelievable that my King should die for me! Shame on me for ever complaining about any discomfort I may suffer here on earth, compared to what my Savior did for me. And compared to what I would be suffering were I not to know Christ. This earth will pass away and I will be with Him. When you look at it that way, it's pretty hard to justify many of the things we seem to struggle with daily. Lord, that I would live my life under the constant recognition of your sacrifice!

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